Developing, implementing and demonstrating innovative forest management techniques

Innovative management strategies

For climate change adaptation of mixed subhumid Mediterranean forests

The MixForChange project and the CTFC experience in climate change adaptive forest management travel to Italy

Between 29 and 30 June, Mario Beltrán, technical expert in sustainable forest management from the CTFC, participated in the final ...
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The association Prosilva France visits project MixForChange demonstration plots

During the visit, various forestry professionals visited the plots in the Montnegre-Corredor to exchange point of views on the management ...
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Technicians discuss on-site the actions and the monitoring to be carried out in each of the project’s stands

During the month of May, technicians of the MixForChange project have visited the stands of Bellmunt, Montnegre, Montseny and Ripollès ...
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Second coordination meeting: roadmap and review

Today, LIFE MixForChange project partners have met in the CTFC to coordinate the actions that will be carried out this ...
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Meetings with the property, drafting and signing of agreements

During the first months of this project, there have been several contacts with forest owners, as well as visits in ...
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