Developing, implementing and demonstrating innovative forest management techniques

Innovative management strategies

For climate change adaptation of mixed subhumid Mediterranean forests

The MixForChange project, in the European Commission’s report “Ready, Steady, Green”

The European Commission has recently produced a report introducing a set of LIFE projects related to climate change adaptation in ...
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First technical trip – mixed forests in Tuscany and Umbria

The last week of September 2019 we organized, in collaboration with Pro Silva Italia, the first technical trip. We conducted ...
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First version of the Cartography to characterize the vulnerability to climate change of Mediterranean sub-humid mixed forests

This cartography aims to show the vulnerability to climate change of the Mediterranean sub-humid mixed forests. This work has been ...
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First version of the Protocol of identification and visual assessment of standing timber quality of oak, ash, maple, cherry and chestnut

During the second semester of 2018 CTFC and CPF prepared this protocol, which aims to facilitate the identification and assessment ...
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The Barcelona Province Council replicates the MixForChange adaptive forest management models in 30 ha

The Barcelona Province Council has implemented in various forest stands within three Natural Parks (Montseny, Montnegre-Corredor, Castell de Montesquiu) the ...
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