Developing, implementing and demonstrating innovative forest management techniques

Innovative management strategies

For climate change adaptation of mixed subhumid Mediterranean forests

Introducing MixForChange project to the Catalan Association of Forest Engineers

On 20th October 2018, the project Life MixForChange was presented in the framework of the General Assembly of the Catalan ...
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Field course: Management of chestnut forests in Montnegre-Corredor massif

Next Monday October 15th we will participate in this field course done in the framework of the IV Forest Week ...
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Informative panels accomplished

During summer 2018 we have implemented the informative panels of the project, which will be installed in several highly frequented ...
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Marking techniques in mixed oak forests: individual tree forestry

Within the framework of the LIFE MixForChange project, 2018 demonstration activities are being carried out where innovative forest management models ...
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The first article of the project, in the magazine Catalunya Forestal

The magazine Catalunya Forestal publishes the first article of the LIFE MixForChange project in its number 135, under the title ...
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