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Expected results

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  • Implementation of 163 ha of pilot demonstrative forest stands, distributed across 4 areas representative of the bioclimatic gradient and the diversity of Sub-humid Mediterranean forests and the problems that they face related with climate change.
  • The implemented innovative models reduce the stand competence, increasing its vitality and water use efficiency. Improvement of the indicators related with these parameters after the interventions.
  • The implemented innovative models increase forest complexity. Improvement of the indicators of forest structural diversity after the interventions.
  • The implemented innovative models increase forest biodiversity. Improvement of the indicators of biodiversity after the interventions.
  • Added value products from Sub-humid Mediterranean forests catalogued and disseminated to sectors with potential demand and opinion leaders.
  • Design of a pilot system for the logistics and commercialization of products from these stands, accepted and validated by the local forest owners.
  • Improvement of the forest legal framework in order to integrate the management particularities of Sub-humid Mediterranean forests to climate change adaptation.
  • Transferability achieved. Target stakeholders reached adequately. At least 215 specialized
    participants in the dissemination and training activities. Innovative models included in the Guidelines for Sustainable Forest Management in Catalonia (ORGEST) system. LINK
  • Impact in decision-making: at least 5 municipalities participating actively in the development of Project actions. At least 10 municipalities attending the communication and dissemination actions.